The beef used in La Cabana is Uruguayan. As many of you may know, Lanzarote’s harsh terrain does not support live cattle. So why does Darren choose Uruguay Organic Grass Fed Beef?

Goats Cheese

Lanzarote knows a thing or two about goats cheese, winning no less than 7 medals at the World Cheese Awards 2015. And, it seems, many of you love goats cheese too, as it is one of our best selling starters.


Iberico loin pork chops come from “Pata Negra” hogs that are humanely raised in Spain, with access to the same acorns that are fed the prized Iberico de Bellota, but these Iberico hogs are finished on grain.  They are antibiotic/hormone free as mandated by Spanish law. Iberico pork products come from Fermin, farmers with high respect for the animals, land and the products they produce.  The resulting pork offers richness on the palate, with a clean flavour and great tenderness.